Slave Claudia – Torture Block House

Slaves have put to pen their thoughts, experiences and fantasies …. read and enjoy their reflections of their time with me – whether real or desired!

Slave Claudia – The Torture Block House

I chose to visit the blockhouse for a 24-hour stay. When the day of my appointment neared, I received a message telling me to drive to a church in a town and wait for further instructions.

After a short time, I got a message to drive to a specific parking spot and leave my car behind; I also received new instructions to walk into the nearby forest and to look for a plastic bag containing a piece of paper with new instructions.

I easily found the plastic bag, just a few paces in, and there was a note inside that read:

In the bag is a leather mask, put that on and place of all your clothes in the bag; then walk futher into the forest.

After a bit of a hike, I saw Mistress April sitting on a chair. She looked great in her leather dress. I knelt on the ground to properly greet her.

She responded by putting a very heavy metal collar on my neck, and metal cuffs on my ankles and wrists – she locked them with a hex key. Next, she fastened everything with chains, blindfolded me, and lead me further into the Bavarian forest.

When we arrived at the blockhouse, she chained me to a wooden beam, and left me alone. After what felt like an eternity, she returned; she had with her a condom, a tube and a urine bag – I had mentioned on the initial form that I had suffered from incontinence for the past 10 years. She used the tube to attached the condom to the urine bag, and once again left me alone. This time felt longer, but honestly, I couldn’t be sure.

Next she had me clean out a space in the blockhouse so she had more room to whip me. It was not an easy task, especially with the chains. After my work was deemed satisfactory, I was led outside. There I received an enema, was forced to shit in the grass, and was fitted with a lockable butt plug. She also put me in a latex mask.

Once we were back in the blockhouse, she chained me up and put me in clear plastic pants. This was so i didn’t drip pee on the floor. The new chain was not long enough to lay down and sitting was no option with the steel butt plug deep inside.

The light was off and I had no sense of time. In the distance In the distance, I could hear a church bell. It seemed to ring every quarter hour, so I tried to keep count in order to tell time.

After a while she came in holding a bag with four whips and a cane. She used each of the four whips, and I had to tell which one hurt the most – at the end of my 24 hours, I understood why.

She brought me a piece of dry bread and water and then left me alone for two hours (the bell rang eight times). When she came back, she had a pair of scissors with which I had to cut the grass outside.

When I finished the area she asked, I had to lay down on the freshly cut grass where she proceeded to pee all over me. She made me lay there for 15 minutes covered in urine before she dumped a bucket of cold water over me to clean me up.

Back inside the blockhouse, she once again chained me up. This time, instead of whips and canes, the mistress had a stick to give me electric shocks. These hurt a lot. Nearly the entire time, I fantasized about grabbing it and taking out the batteries.

For supper she gave me a can of cold macaroni and some water. The latex mask made it very difficult to eat.

Before bedtime, I was tied to a plank, and got e-stim on my cock and nipples. She then stood over me and forced me to drink her pee – it tasted very salty.

When it was time to go to bed, she put me in a diaper beneath my plastic pants; she also put me in a straitjacket. When the lights went out, I was alone. I didn’t have a notion of time, but I could still hear the church bell. At last check, the time was at 10, but then it stopped ringing so my time indication was gone.

I didn’t sleep at all, and at 6AM the sound of the bell returned. An hour later, the mistress released me, and i got a cup of coffee and some more bread.

Then it was time for morning exercise. She put an electrical device around my cock, and dressed me in a PVC overall. I had to do push ups , lift weights, run and jump. Every time she pushed the remote control, I received a shock.

We we went back inside, she dressed me in women’s clothes. While I was dressed like a woman, she expected me to act like a whore. I had to dance, flirt and even suck cock. She then used her strap on to fuck my ass.

After a brief pause, she came back with the two whips we determined hurt the most the previous day. I then had to select with which one I would receive 10 and and with which 20 whip strokes. I made the choice and received all 30 strokes.

After the beating, she released me from the chains, cuffs and collar. I got my clothes back, and was brought to the path in the woods. I thanked her and gave her a hug before walking to my car.

This was the experience of a lifetime.

Thanks Mistress April!

Kind regards,

slave claudia

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