Authentic Passionate Lifestyle Dominatrix and Movie Producer

I am an individualist who is far from clichéd thinking.  A very ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent. Heels, latex and leather with the finest toys you ever did see, are not a prerequisite to Domination, its the aura that emanates from a powerful woman that makes a person want to get on their knees and hand over control. 

A passionate sadist with a bizarre medical fetish – amongst others,  I can be hellishly cruel and heavenly pervert and your mind is my playground. I enjoy delving into your psyche and picking apart your mind to find what your weaknesses. There is nothing that excites me more than seeing your inner desires flash across your eyes in that critical moment when you realise that I have and you get a little scared.

I am a lifestyle Mistress. Being a Mistress is not a job but who I am.  I live a 24/7 with my male slave, who has pledged his life to me and serves me in all my needs.  There are also two collared female slaves in my service amongst others who participate in our lives.  All of them indulge me in all my perverted fantasies in all things BDSM and enrich my social life.

My passion has evolved into creating cinematic quality, story telling BDSM movies which portrays my life as a lifestyle dominatrix and the slaves that serve me.  My movies are a departure from the typical BDSM dungeon scenarios as portrayed in other Femdom movies and are showcased on my galleries and several other adult content platforms.  The scenarios depicted in the movies vary from my love of medical fetishes; slave training, discipline and punishment; humiliation; toilet play; prison scenes and many many more.

I travel regularly to Europe, mostly to Germany between June and October where I attend events and network with other Domme’s; recruit for filming volunteers for various filming projects.

My interests are mainly medical play, humiliation, impact play, cbt, toilet sports, and anything that I derive pleasure from – I am not a service agent – Femdom is my lifestyle and passion.

The focus of my time is on my slaves and producing and directing content for my galleries. From time to time I will accept slave visitors who request my attention, however I will only see someone who I know I can have fun with…

“The severity and dominance that emanate from her shows you your true place in this world”

BDSM – Lifestyle Mistress – Movie Producer