I am Mistress April.  I am an individualist who is far from clichéd thinking.  I am a very ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent. Heels, latex and leather with the finest toys you ever did see, are not a prerequisite to Domination, its the aura that emanates from a powerful woman that brings you to your knees.  

As a very passionate sadist I can still be very sensual and empathetic.

I can be hellishly cruel and heavenly pervert and your mind is my playground.

I am a lifestyle Mistress. Being a Mistress is not a job but who I am. I live with my slave, who has pledged his life to serving me in any way I want.

“The severity and dominance that emanate from her show you your true place in this world”

I enjoy delving into your psyche, and picking apart your mind to find what your true desires are.

I take you, an individual, seriously, even if it devalues ​​you to an object.

I am an experienced international travelling sadistic Mistress

I am mostly based in Cape Town South Africa and travel to Germany and Europe between May and November.

Lifestyle Mistress and I live it 24/7

BDSM Dominatrix