Become my filming slave

Each participant in my movies will need to provide his/her ID as well a sign a consent form confirming their willingness to participate in the scenes/ scenarios presented to / by me, Mistress April.

You are welcome to request a specific scenario that you would like to participate in however the scene / movie will ultimately be my decision.

You are welcome to wear a mask to conceal your identity. Both videos and photographs will be taken.

Complete the application form below stating clearly what kind of scenes/bdsm practices you want to participate in as well as your availability and your location (where you will be travelling from).

your real name or stage/slave name
Be specific about the country and city you reside in - where you will travel from to be in the movie
Please mention if you speak / understand English or not
List your Height x Weight x Body Shape (slim, fit, a little extra etc)
What scenarios you do NOT want to participate in
Explain what you would like to participate in during your movie scene with Mistress April. Preferably something you have experience in.
List dates / days you are available for filming as well as how many hours eg. 3 hours, 6 hours, etc. ***please note a minimum of 3 hours is required for a simple scene

Please send a picture of yourself to with the email subject heading “Filming Slave”