Prisoner 555

Slaves have put to pen their thoughts, experiences and fantasies …. read and enjoy their reflections of their time with me – whether real or desired!

Prisoner 555

Maybe some of you have seen the movie on Mistress April’s movie gallery about what happens to some of Mistress April’s prisoners during their stay in her prison. Well I was one of those prisoners.

For a long time, it was one of my habits to note down in a small notebook, my experiences that have struck me or that I found in one way or another particular. I write down what I remember just for my own pleasure. And so I noted my impressions of my 48 hour stay some days after returning home from Mistress April’s prison. I thought, why not share my impressions with others, and that’s why you can read these here so that if Mistress April organizes in future another prison session, you will have an idea of what to expect. However I suspect Mistress April to be an inventive Warden Mistress and it’s not sure that all the scenarios will be the same but what is sure is that you must be prepared to be humiliated, and in good condition to submit to a lot of discipline. Also you will not be the only inmate in the prison and you will have the opportunity to witness all the treatments the other inmates undergo, which can be fun, interesting and sometimes really impressive.

You will not find a hour by hour retelling of what happened during my stay at Mistress April’s prison, rather a mixture of impressions on one hand, and the representation of the facts on the other, as well as some personal thoughts. Not everything that I experienced is depicted here because some scenes will forever stay in my memory, and some unknown and mystery does no harm. And if Mistress April will re-conduct the experience in the future, you will have to face at least for a part, the unknown.

Lets begin…

During one of my wanderings on the internet, I discovered, a little by chance, an announcement on Mistress April’s website looking for willing subjects to be incarcerated during 48 hours in her prison and be ruled with a firm hand. I’ve always been attracted by the idea of a strict upbringing, domination by a Governess, Mistress or Warden and thought why not give it a chance. To apply, I had to fill out a short on line questionnaire . I had to answer questions about my experiences in submission, bondage and discipline and the like, what my expectations were, my likes and dislikes in a variety of disciplinary treatments. There was nothing really surprising or strange about this questionnaire and I sent it to Mistress April . Very soon I got her agreement, and to confirm the booking I had to pay a 50% deposit of the total fee due.

About a month before the day of the event, I received a mail that informed me of my prisoner number, ( 555 ), and from that moment I realised that I would be considered as a mere number during my stay. I also received another mail with instructions where I would meet somebody who would take me to the prison, somewhere in Germany. I must say that all the procedures were well thought out, because it was also been planned that this person, who in fact was a prison warden, would later drive my car to a safe underground parking. I must admit that during the whole stay, it appeared that every aspect was very well planned and organized.

When finally arriving at the prison and stepping inside , the warden immediately locked the door behind me, and blindfolded me. From that moment, and until my departure of the prison, I would not see the daylight, not even a simple ray of sunshine.
The guard lead me through a series of corridors and stairs, and finally made me stop, and forced me on my knees. Ha, kneeling on the floor, the standard position in the prison.
A female voice cried my number, and it was evident that I was in the presence of Mistress April for the intake procedure.

She wanted to know if I was here of my own free will, and what I expected of my stay. I answered that I was there to suffer and to be disciplined. Still blindfolded and on my knees, it seemed to me that she estimated that as a correct answer. She further wanted to have some more information concerning some answers I gave in the questionnaire, clearly trying to assess my limits in suffering. Then the warden took the mask off that blindfolded me, and I saw Mistress April for the first time, an imposing stature, with a penetrating gaze. It felt like a natural domination that radiated from her personality. She was sitting behind a desk, in a small room without windows and with no other furniture. I was told to stand up, and I had to take all my clothes off. During the whole stay all the inmates were held completely naked, except for the mask. Mistress April stood up and came to examine me closer to have a first glimpse of what kind of hot headed specimen she will have to tame. A little later the guard had to take me to my cell, this time I was able to see with the mask on. There was only one cell left, the others were already occupied. The cell measured 2,5m by 1,5m large and contained bunk beds, but I was the only prisoner occupying the cell. The cell door was just a door of iron bars that could slide along the outside wall. Everybody passing in the hallway can look directly into the cell. Inside of the cell there was a small trash can, 1 roll of toilet paper, 1 roll of kitchen paper, a bucket to use to piss in, a bottle of water, and one big plastic bag, to use to defecate, as well as an emergency button. Because I am in complete darkness in the cell most of the time , I tried to remember the place of everything.

After some time, the warden who I had met earlier, unlocked the cell doors, and put handcuffs on every inmate and led us out of the cell . We had to follow him, and entered a large room, where Mistress April was waiting for us.

This would be our first lesson and Mistress April dictated the prison rules to us.
A prisoner does not stand before Mistress April, he kneels. And when he is in his prison cell, and the Mistress is coming before his cell, he kneels with head on the floor. Normally a prisoner does not address Mistress April directly but we were instructed that we could do so by starting to say: “Mistress April I’m a weak”, or “stupid” , or “pathetic prisoner” ……( and then the rest of the sentence ).
Not following these and other rules results in punishment which worked as follows. On a blackboard was written the number of each prisoner. For each fault, Mistress April writes a stripe next to his number, one stripe means one punishment, but the nature or severity of it, is at the discretion of the Mistress. I never really knew what to expect. The stripes are automatically doubled the second day, and tripled the third day. That was Mistress April’s welcome speech. It scared me a little and I did my best to remember all the rules.

Mistress April also wanted to assess our physical condition, and we had to do some running, push ups and some other physical exercises. In order to execute the work out at the desired speed, Mistress April motivated us by zapping with her electro cattle prod (one of her favorite tools) on our buttocks or even more motivating, on our balls. The desired rate was thus quickly reached.
When we were going to our cell or are led out of the prison cell, we were always in a single file behind the warden, and always handcuffed. Sometimes we were led out of the cell and have to crawl on all fours to the training room. This seems easy, if it were not that we are handcuffed and progressing on a very rough concrete floor. I was always very happy when I arrived at the training room , where I could stop and straighten up, on my knees of course.

The first day, we all made a typical beginner’s mistake. We were in our prison cell, and received our supper, ravioli in sauce, in a bowl and of course without cutlery.
The bowl was placed outside of the cell, against our barred prison door. Lights went out, and we were authorized to eat.
If we wanted to eat, we had to crawl, stay on our knees, and with our hands take the food from the bowl and then in our mouth, each time with our hands going back and forth through the bars. About halfway up the the barred cell door, was an opening which permitted to put a plate, or our hands if the warden wanted to handcuff them. A fellow inmate took his bowl which was at the other side of the door, through this open space . The bowl was now inside the cell, and it was then much easier to eat sitting on the bed. He very quickly imitated all of us, and we thought we had a good idea.
But when Mistress April some time later saw what we had done, without being authorised to do so, we immediately were all subjected to a severe treatment with the electric prod and received additional stripes for later punishment.

After the evening punishment, in accordance with the number of stripes we had earned, we returned to our cell for the night. Before leaving Mistress promised a surprise next day, which she said would also be a hard day for us.
I lay on the bed, reviewing the events of the day, and fell quite fast in a deep sleep. I was still asleep, when the warden woke us abruptly, saying we had to stand up. Well, I had a good night’s rest, which for me is important . I felt confident that I shall overcome the ordeals that Mistress April had in store for me.

In the morning Mistress April was paying attention to each inmate individually. But first Mistress was blaming us for being too slow, not addressing her correctly and being disrespectful. This earned us, at the very beginning of the day, some stripes next to our number on the board, and it predicted hard moments for the future.
Mistress April put each inmate in a cage, or as for me, in stocks. I could see, although not always in a comfortable position, what the Mistress did to the other prisoners. One was treated with needles, the other with some nasty CBT. I got her attention for a good deal of strokes of the cane.

At another moment Mistress April had her little fun. We received our bowl with food in the afternoon. Although in the dark, I could guess there was a tomato in the bowl, some pieces of sausage, and some other food that I couldn’t recognize .
It tasted very bad, but very against my liking I ate everything, because I was too scared to receive punishment for not having eaten everything. In the evening Mistress asked us if our lunch was tasty, and I answered without enthusiasm that it was good (in fact awful ). Mistress April began laughing , and showed what we had received in our bowl. She showed us a can of dog food. When I think of it, I still have that awful taste in mind. But Mistress is entitled to have her own pleasures, isn’t she?

The following event gives an illustration of Mistress April evil methods . In the afternoon she had in mind to have some competition between her inmates. In fact a rather boring puzzle game, but who says competition, says there is a winner and there are losers. And Mistress told us that logically the winner gets a reward, and the losers a punishment. I felt immediately a bit suspicious, and thought she’s hiding something for us. Anyway I was by far the loser, but what about the punishment? Well the winner had the privilege to decide what punishment each loser had to receive. And so he decided that I deserved 5 strokes of the cane, as for another inmate he decided he would receive a number of jolts with the cattle prod. But the winner should not cry victory too soon. When Mistress April had carried out the prescribed punishments, she estimated that the winner also deserved some kind of attitude adjustment, and she rewarded him with a mix of cane strokes and jolts of the cattle prod. It was certainly not what he expected, the lucky winner.

During the second day Mistress did also an inspection of the cell of each inmate. I was a bit surprised, but she was rather satisfied with the neatness in my cell, which was not the case with the other cells, but I nevertheless collected some more stripes next to my prisoner number.

There was also a long cock training session, with the use of strap-on by Mistress April . During another exercise all prisoners had to choose a dildo, which all were big, to lube them, put them on a low table and then humping them thoroughly.
On some prisoners who had beforehand given their consent, Mistress April also demonstrated some of her extreme skills, while the other inmates locked up in a cage, could watch it. Really impressive.

At the end of the day, we all saw the total number of strikes next to prisoner number, and it really didn’t look good for us, because we knew that the number of punishments would be doubled.
We all faced this dreaded moment rather bravely, and received in fact a group punishment, and this, in a very inventive way. It was truly a tough end of the day, and left us with among others, very sore butts. And, I must confess, at the end, tears almost came to my eyes.

The last morning was in fact punishment for everybody. In my case, I was put into a heavy canvas straight-jacket, and laid down on the spanking bench. I received about 20 strokes with a heavy wooden ruler, in order to help me remember the lessons learned the days before. I must admit, I will remember how to become a better man for a very long time. Mistress April really has the talent to estimate quite accurately somebody’s pain limits. For me and I’m sure also for my fellow inmates, she even went a little beyond. But its the price I had to pay for being trained by Mistress April, and to learn to behave better in the future. And with all this in my mind, I still went back home relaxed and quite happy .

Prisoner 555

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