Spend time at my feet while on holiday!

Slave, the winter is coming! Grey, wet and cold with no sun and no warmth.

Have you ever thought of escaping the coming winter and get into a wonderful Mediterranean summer? Considered spending time where Mistress April lives?

Spending beautiful moments at her feet, your holiday as a sissy, toilet slave, my dog in a cage, rubber doll or my entertaining sex toy? Meeting and being forced to use and be abused by my beautiful ebony Rose?

Mistress April’s Boot Camp coming soon to Cape Town. Keep checking for more information

The Torture Block House

A slave or two enjoyed their time in my Torture Block House, make sure you are one of the lucky ones who gets to have “fun” with me next July 2023 in the Torture Block House! Details to follow later in the year.

2022 Prison Event Germany

New event coming next summer 2023 in Germany. Keep checking site for details of how you can participate!

Here are a few highlights of their rehabilitation into better men!