Question and Answer

Hygiene, safety and confidentiality is according to international standards.

Anonymity guaranteed.  

Your health is and will always be a top priority.  I do not engage in play that causes permanent damage or lifetime scars or injuries.

My space is a drug and alcohol free zone.  If you arrive at a session smelling of alcohol or seem to be under the influence of drugs I reserve the right to cancel your session.

Mutual respect and trust are essential to a fulfilling session. Tell me your wishes and ideas with openness and honesty.

All toys, clothes, shoes and masks are always sterilized after every single use.  

Q: What can I expect on our meeting?

A: We will talk through your fantasies and go over your limits and discuss anything I am unclear about.   After that our session can begin. 

Q: Can I touch the Mistress?

A: No! Unless Mistress commands.

Q: Are there any practices Mistress won’t do?

A: Yes, anything illegal and permanently harmful. Also, I don’t do classic sex.  Roman Showers and Caviar.

When you visit me, you are here for MY PLEASURE!  I do not do anything that does not give me pleasure.  I have my limits and preferences which are stated above and below. 

I do not offer the following activities:


Roman showers

Smoking fetish

Age play: adult baby

Wrestling fights

Intimate contact

Body worship that involves touching, kissing and licking parts of my body  

Session where I am naked

Sex or any kind of penetration of my body