04 June 2021

Due to Corona Travel restrictions currently still in place, I will announce the final dates for the prison event at the end of June. Stay tuned to the site and my blog on my video gallery

Mistress April assumes the position as Warden in Cell Block A for a 48 hour prison stay to rehabilitate unworthy slaves.

Not for the faint hearted.  Conditions will be harsh and you will not be given any mercy!

Only those who are fit and brave and willing to hand over completely need apply.

Maximum of 6 prisoners will stay for 48h in an abandoned prison just Berlin, Germany. You will each have your own cell.

The event will happen from a Friday to a Sunday.

All current Corona safety protocols will be practiced at the prison to ensure the safety of all prisoners. As Corona is easing down, giving us more freedom, the event will go ahead. Should any new developments occur due to Corona, the event date will be adjusted.


Date 1:Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 AugustCheck in Friday: Between 12pm and 5pm
Check out Sunday: Between 12pm and 2pm
Date 2:Friday 6 August – Sunday 8 AugustCheck in Friday: Between 12pm and 5pm
Check out Sunday: Between 12pm and 2pm
Where:Prisoner collection point in Berlin and time will be
disclosed after full deposit has been paid
You will be notified of your time after full deposit payment.
Limit:Max 6 prisoners per weekend stay
Bail:1) 10% Deposit payable NOW to secure a place.
First come, first serve. Space limited.

2) 40% Deposit payable on 15 June 2021
3) Balance of 50% due upon arrival at prison in cash

**Payment can be made via paypal, use this email:
For bank transfer – email me to request bank details.
(refundable should the event be cancelled for any reason)


Click here to get your ticket

To secure your place in my prison, get your ticket now. This 10% deposit is part of the bail to secure your participation.

Newly released – Cell 45 April Prison – watch now on my video gallery!


You have been sentenced with the most heinous of crimes! 

Your dirty, filthy little minds, always obsessed with your worthless little cock and your inability to serve a woman, in the way she deserves!

Jail Time in Cell Block A

Applications now open for European Summer 2021

Mistress April assumes the position as Warden in Cell Block A for a 48 hour prison stay to rehabilitate the sinners and force them to purge their transgressions during an inquisition and administer the cruelest of punishments!

Punishment and retribution for the undisciplined and unworthy will be the order of the day!

The only rule is that there are no Rules and Warden Mistress April will always have the final say.  Failure to comply will result in serious torture and interrogation and time in isolation where you will think about your pathetic lives.  You will grovel for mercy and forgiveness in the cold stark prison, as you hear the cries of the other inmates as you await the same fate.

Mistress April will unleash her unique skills to make you a better man and send you back into the world with some modicum of self respect and hopefully a better appreciation for the power of a Woman!

Not for the faint hearted.  Conditions will be harsh and you will not be given any mercy!  You are in prison after all.

Only those who are in excellent health, strong and fit need apply.  

An understanding of English will be beneficial to you…. If you don’t, Mistress April wont know if you say stop or not… and she wont care!

Be sure to join me in Summer 2021 when I will be returning to Berlin to host another event! I look forward to having more fun with you unworthy prisoners.


Watch the trailer to see what is in store for you worthless piece of shit!

Incarceration details

Book now for end July 2021. Due to many applications, I will be hosting the event over two weekends – this is envisaged for the last weekend in July and 1st weekend in August.
A few places still available.

Maximum of 6 prisoners will stay for 48h in an abandoned prison just outside of Berlin Mitte. You will each have your own cell.  

When you arrive, you will be escorted to a holding cell where you will wait for Warden Mistress April to formally read you your rights and convict for your sins

When your time has been served, you will be released back into society.

Prison Regime

Warden Mistress April will not tolerate any misbehaviour of any kind!  Any prisoner who steps out of line will immediately find himself in a vulnerable and painful position for as long as she wishes…..

You follow her rules and you may just get out…  Even if you do follow the rules, Mistress April’s sadistic side will give her hours of entertainment on your behalf.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Upon arrival, you will be registered, santised and temperature taken to comply with Covid regulations.
  • Your Possessions will be documented, bagged and zip locked, and then stored securely.
  • Your only toilet will be a bucket in which to piss and shit! 
  • Dont expect to shower – this is not a hotel!  Mistress April may however feel the need to hose you down at some point.
  • You will receive a mandatory enema upon arrival.
  • You will always be under surveillance. 
  • A prison guard who will be on duty day and night to keep you in check!
  • No bedding is provided!  Each prisoner will arrive with 1 sleeping bag OR 1 blanket and 1 Pillow. 
    It will be cold and there will be no sympathy for you if you come unprepared! 
    Be Warned though, this is not a hotel.  
    Your sleep things will be inspected and anything too luxurious will be removed or you will be forced to clean your toilet bucket with it!
  • Basic prison food.  Water and Bread for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.  
  • NO PHONES / LAPTOPS ETC at any time during your stay.  
  • No refunds, even if you use the safe word and chicken out before the 48hours is over! 
  • Be aware of the mental and physical effects that participating in this style of role play / fetish fantasy may have on you. 
  • You will be required to complete an online questionnaire and sign an indemnity form stating that you are aware of the risks upon entering the prison.

Money where your mouth is!

What would you be willing to pay to spend 48 hours under Warden Mistress April’s iron fist?

Total cost of prison stay: 950€ for 48h
Payment: 50% deposit upon booking and acceptance by Mistress April. 
– Balance payable in cash upon arrival at prison.
– Deposit to be made via Paypal only. You will be sent a link upon approval.
– Deposits will not be accepted after a certain date prior to prison event.
– All Applications for your prison stay must be received no later than 1 June 2021
– All Applications will then be reviewed and you will be notified of your acceptance a few days after all applications have been received.
– Your second deposit must be paid no later than 15 June 2021 to secure your place. If you have not paid your deposit, you will not be part of the prison stay! Its First PAY, first SERVE.
No late submissions.