“At my command he got into the bath, dressed in his female maids clothes.  He lay there, waiting with open mouth, the excitement in his eyes just masking the anxiety.  I positioned myself over his head, far enough away from his eager flicking tongue, like a demented snake, mistakenly thinking I would give him the privilege of putting his mouth near my pussy.  

I looked down at him and smiled as I released my golden showers over his eyes, mouth, nose, chin, hair… Splattering and coughing as my piss almost suffocated him….

I got up and instructed him to get up and finish my dirty dishes, he reached for a towel to wipe my piss off his face and body but as he did, a harsh loud yell escaped my lips, “No!!! You dont deserve to be clean, you will continue your task in your wet piss covered clothes”  

  • Portable assisted toilet available.