There is a lot more of course, but you will have to look at my video gallery to see all the pervert things I enjoy doing to my slave

* Caning, spanking, whipping

The male needs to be spanked until he has shed many tears of repentance. Scars and welts become a mark of some men’s progress in life. Resistant to female authority the whip becomes his teacher. His lessons are pain and suffering. They guide him to his place as woman’s servant. For these men corporal punishment is a necessary guide to humility and obedience.


I find CBT incredibly erotic.  I find the interplay and balance of pleasure and pain to be deeply satisfying (being forced to the respective “edge” at both extremes).  The squeezing of balls in my hands, watching as your sac bulges with the pressure of my hand, changing colour to a deep purple, veins raised above your skin as you squirm for release, I take your cock head, with my other hand, between a nutcracker and apply pressure…. And watch your eyes as both panic and excitement struggle for a place in your brain… Torture can be fun! 

* Humiliation (verbal and physical) 

Men who openly ask to be shamed and degraded are begging to be put in their place and serve their destined rolls.  Men need reminders of their inferiority.  

My acid tongue will leave a mark as if I had slapped you! The taste of my piss on your lips, the smell in your nose – the smell of your vulnerability, the smell of being totally at my mercy, tormenting you with my words, and degrading you with my spit.

This is the power of your Dominatrix.

* Chastity

It is well known that if you control the slave’s cock then you control the slave. Mistress’s have discovered that a denied and sexually frustrated male is compliant and submissive however a sexually fulfilled male is a lazy disrespectful man

Keeping a male aroused but denied is the greatest and most effective technique a woman can employ for her own sexual fulfilment